TIER (Transparent Inclusive Efficiency Review)

The implementation phase of the Board of Regents' TIER (Transparent Inclusive Efficiency Review) project is underway on the University of Iowa campus. Our UI TIER leadership team has been working with Chazey Partners, the consultant hired by the Board of Regents to assist the institutions with the delivery of services model for IT, HR, and Finance, to put these next steps in place. Huron Consulting has also been working with members of our Sourcing and Procurement team on implementation processes and plans. Work on the academic cases is continuing as well. The University of Iowa's TIER Self-Implementation Proposal is available here.

TIER is an independent review of the academic and administrative expenses across Iowa’s three public universities (University of Iowa, Iowa State University, University of Northern Iowa), as well as the regent system as a whole. We are seeking creative, new ideas for investing our resources so Iowa’s public universities can uphold their long tradition of academic excellence. The goal of TIER is to transform our universities so they are sustainable for the long term and true to their core academic missions of education, research and service as well as learning, discovery and engagement.

The Board of Regents created TIER to look for ways to operate more efficiently and effectively—academically and administratively. The long-term vision of TIER is to contain costs, raise the quality of Iowa’s public universities, and make Iowa a higher education destination.